The fashion destination to discover and define your feminine form  
with emerging and premium designers. A curation anchored upon effortless glamour, constant adventure, and understated luxury. 
We wear fashion and feel our style.  
Each piece is created with intention and in reflection of its creator.  
We chose pieces that we see ourselves and personalities in.  
Zija boutique delivers the authentic story of each designer. We invigorate you to write your own story our curation.  
Zija Boutique is for the Bold & Daring woman. 
She is undaunted in exploring her vulnerability. She revels in realising her needs and desires. She is dancing through the flow of life.  
Basking in the Sun, playing under the Moonlight. 
We are here for you to add some fun to your everyday wardrobe and make a  statement at your special events.
See you in the sunshine and under the moonlight Lady Love.