Caring for Our Garments

Purchasing your dream piece is just the beginning of your journey with each garment.

As each piece of your wardrobe forms as an extension of who your are and the energy you bring to world, caring for your garment is just as important as making memories in it.

This is Zija’s how-to guide to maintain your most-loved garments.


There are two things to consider when washing your garments. The method and the fabrics.

It is your best choice to avoid heat on any man-made fibres. This includes viscose, rayon and tencel.

Always, always, always, separate your darks from your lights, if it is made with wire, like a bra or corset washing it in a laundry bag is an absolute must. Hand wash is the way to move for delicate fabrics like cotton voile, knits, or silk. It is easy, fill a tub with cold water, a drop of detergent. Now soak for 5 minute and a quick rinse and lay flat for drying.


Keep a home for each piece you have. Separate the seasons. Keep your delicate folder and best undistorted by a hanger. The same goes with your tees and knits. Jeans and pants is what you prefer – draped of a hanger at the knees or holder in thirds. Keep your shoes dust free in their boxes or dust bags and away from light to avoid discolouration.


When making memories in your loved pieces the inevitable spill or pull will happen. There is no need to worry. When a button drops or a small hole happens, we like to repair than replace. A needle and thread will do the trick almost every time, don’t forget a local seamstress is your magician. They can also help you when a garment doesn’t fit your quite right, a seamstress can make an adjustment here and there.